Smart Category for WooCommerce

Smart Category automatically suggests the best matching category based on product title.

  • Automatically suggests the top matching product categories
  • Automatically suggests the top matching brands
  • Automatically suggests the top matching terms from custom taxonomies

Simplify Adding Products To Your Store

Smart Category for WooCommerce makes product submission fast and easy. Many eCommerce shops have a long list of categories. The admins who add products spend too much time scrolling and looking for categories to assign.

Smart Category for WooCommerce shortens the process.

We added a box in the sidebar above product categories that automatically suggests the top five categories based on the product’s title.

Smart Category also works perfectly for WooCommerce brands. It automatically suggests the best-matching brand.

It can also suggest the ideal matching terms with any other custom taxonomy a product uses.

Product submission is simple and less frustrating with Smart Category for WooCommerce.


Minimum PHP version: 7.0


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