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TaxJar is a leading technology for eCommerce businesses to manage sales tax.

TaxJar is a SaaS company focused on solving a problem no one wants to deal with – sales tax. We obsessively leverage technology and exceptional customer service to help you focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Trusted by more than 20,000 businesses, our award-winning solution makes it easy to automate sales tax reporting and filing, and determine economic nexus with a single click. Connect TaxJar directly with your WooCommerce store and marketplaces, to get up and running, fast.

From calculations to filing, TaxJar provides award-winning support and transparent pricing options for businesses of all sizes. Easily automate your sales tax when the complexities of sales volume, state nexus and platform needs have multiplied.

TaxJar features and benefits


An additional account is required to use this extension. 


Transparent, order-based pricing. No setup fees, connector fees, or service filing fees. Contact TaxJar sales to get a free demo or a quote at 855-800-6681, or visit TaxJar.com/request-demo.

Note: If your business exceeds 1,000 orders per month an upgraded, TaxJar Professional, account will be required for real-time sales tax calculations through the TaxJar API.

TaxJar For WooCommerce Gives You:

Seamless & Automatic Filing. TaxJar AutoFile automatically submits your returns to the states where you’re registered and ensures you never miss a due date.

Return-Ready, Jurisdiction-Level Reporting. TaxJar save hours on sales tax filings by organizing sales data into easy-to-read, exportable, return-ready state reports. 

Real-time Sales Tax Rates & Calculations. TaxJar API instantly provides accurate sales tax rates at checkout for upgraded plans.


With 99.99% uptime, you can count on us for your calculations. TaxJar will also have no impact on your site performance or page load times.

Economic Nexus Insights. Import your sales data into TaxJar to determine where your sales have met or exceeded the economic threshold in each state. Get guidance on how to begin complying with sales tax in any new state.

Peak Season Traffic Management. TaxJar can handle and scale with any uptick in demand increase, such as seasonality or special deals.

Out-Of-The-Box Ecommerce Integrations. Your business is multi-channel, so your tax engine should be too. In addition to our API, TaxJar offers a one-click integration with your WooCommerce store and major marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, Etsy, and more.

Multi-Channel Support. TaxJar automatically generates accurate state reporting across all of the channels you sell in and for all transaction types – including product and service exempt sales, customer exempt sales, and deductions for marketplace sales in Marketplace Facilitator states.

Customer Experience is Key

We understand that your business is your passion and pair our technology with world-class, in-house sales tax experts to ensure your onboarding experience and support needs are met by the best professionals around.

Get Up & Running, Fast. Simple onboarding accelerates the time it takes to get up and running (typically within 7 days), and successfully using TaxJar. Never wait for us to schedule your implementation and get started when you’re ready.

Built-In Research Team. We keep up with the changes so your team doesn’t have to. Economic nexus laws, tax codes, no problem! Lean on our sales tax experts to provide timely and accurate research.

Award-Winning Support. Our TaxJar experts are here to help troubleshoot and answer questions with industry-leading support.

Getting Started

Transparent, order-based pricing. No setup fees, connector fees, or service fees. TaxJar Professional starts at $99 per month for up to 200 orders, with 12 free AutoFiles per year included.

Contact TaxJar sales to get a free demo or a quote at 855-800-6681, or visit TaxJar.com/request-demo.

Join more than 20,000 customers who rely on TaxJar every month!

Other Notable Features

  • Simple install – automate your sales tax in minutes
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Supports tax exempt items set by store manager
  • Sales tax data all in a one place, if you sell on other platforms.


Q: What are the requirements to collect sales tax with TaxJar for WooCommerce?
A: An upgraded TaxJar account and a business address are required for TaxJar’s plugin to calculate a sales tax rate. Reporting and filing is available through all plans.

Q: What does this extension cost?
A: TaxJar is your all-in-one sales tax management solution. TaxJar provides transparent pricing options for businesses of all sizes. No setup fees, connector fees, or service filing fees. Contact sales, at 855-800-6681 or visit taxjar.com/request-demo, for pricing information.

Q: Does this cost more if I have nexus in more than one state?
A: Nope. The cost is the same no matter if you have nexus in one state or 40 states.

Q: Can TaxJar file my sales tax returns automatically for me?
A: Yes. We can file sales tax returns for you everywhere in any US state.

Q: Is there a separate fee to file my sales tax returns for me?
A: Yes. The fee starts at $35/Filing with 12 free AutoFiles per year included in the TaxJar Professional plan.

Q: I have locations in multiple states. Will this collect sales tax in all of those states?
A: Yes. We make it easy. Just tell us your locations and we’ll do the rest.

Q: What other platforms can I connect to TaxJar?
A: You can connect your accounts from the following platforms to TaxJar to get automated sales tax filing. TaxJar has more than 30 integrations. Visit www.taxjar.com/sales-tax-integrations to learn more.

Note: Third party extensions are not covered under our Support Policy.

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