Spring Collection 2017

Drive sales and put a spring in your store with these 12 powerful extensions.



The Wootique theme's homepage, showcasing products from your online store.

Free Theme Package

  • Wootique is a free download.
  • Our free themes are built on the same WooFramework that our commercial themes are.
  • Support is not included for this theme, if you would like support please purchase a product from WooThemes to gain access to all our support resources.
  • You need to add this theme to your cart and checkout in order to have access to it. This will also assign you a license key to activate 2-click updates via the WooCommerce Helper plugin.

Unique Features

  • WooCommerce Goodness

    As you’d expect, Wootique makes full use of all of WooCommerce features. We’ve painstakingly married theme and plugin to provide a seamless front-end experience. Every single one of WooCommerce widgets has been lovingly styled to match the beautiful design, as has each key component of the plugin such as the product categories, product descriptions, cart, checkout and user account sections. Read all about the benefits of WooCommerce here.

  • Customisability

    Our number 1 goal with the design of Wootique was to make the theme a great solution for any online store. From the theme options page you can easily stamp your brands own unique style on the theme by changing the background colour, adjusting the menu and footer or adding a background image. The rest of the minimalist design lends itself to almost any colour or style!

  • Featured Slider

    The homepage features a nifty css3 / jQuery powered slider. The slider rotates through your stores featured products and is flexible enough to contain as many products as you want to throw at it. Better yet, we’ve used some css3 animations to ‘flip’ the product imagery revealing further information. Nifty!

  • Custom Homepage

    Aside from the slider you can customise your homepage with content from a specified WordPress page. There’s also an archive of your recent products and of course a widgetised sidebar.

  • Custom Widgets

    The theme has 1 widgetized sidebar (which can be moved from the right of the content to the left) and 4 footer regions, and as always comes with 8 custom Woo Widgets PLUS a multitude of WooCommerce widgets too. Widgelicious!

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