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360 Reality Audio Creative Suite

The 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite (also known as 360ra) is innovative new software that empowers musicians and creators to produce music in an immersive spherical sound field.

By creating unique audio paths with drag and drop efficiency, users can unleash their creativity and set their productions apart like never before. The technology utilizes the 360 Reality Audio Music Format, a format optimized for music distribution and compliant with MPEG-H 3D Audio.

Along with the ability to position audio in a 360° field, producers have the power to automate up to 128 audio sources to create stunning audio landscapes that captivate the listener. The suite is compatible with popular digital audio workstations, meaning it can be used within a studio environment or on the go using a laptop and headphones.

Virtina was trusted with building a modern eCommerce store from the ground up – an exciting challenge. Naturally, WooCommerce’s flexibility and near-limitless customization options meant it was best suited for the client’s business needs.

Ensuring that the design process aligned with the functional requirements at all times, the Virtina team created a slick, modern store – including License Key Generation for every product purchased.