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Aeropress is an innovative device used for brewing coffee.

Coffee is serious business for both cupping professionals and die-hard aficionados. No one knows this better than inventor and engineer, Alan Adler.

Adler started out in the world of sport toys, and created the Aeropress after analyzing existing coffee maker designs and studying the brewing process. His goal was to create a breakthrough device that would allow for a superior cup of coffee with shorter brew times.

Launched in 2005, serious java lovers the world over have embraced Adler’s revolutionary tool. Today, the famed filter coffee maker is sold in over 60 countries.

“The AeroPress meets a need for an inexpensive, simple way to make one or a few servings of deliciously rich coffee quickly, with minimal bitterness.”
– Alan Adler, inventor

Ideal for kitchen, camping, and traveling – it’s not just brew quality that has fans singing its praises. Simplicity of design, use, and cleaning are widely lauded. Plus, making a cup o’ joe takes just 30 seconds from start to finish.

Water and grounds are mixed together for ten seconds, before gentle air pressure from the plunger pushes the mix through a micro-filter. The result? An exceptionally rich, smooth flavor with remarkably low acidity.

AeroPress’ product team hired Razorfrog to build a progressive eCommerce site to elevate their product for the modern web.

Particular attention was given to the product’s evolution, instructions for use in 10 languages, as well as pro tips and community-sourced video.

Visitors to can now also purchase the device and replacement parts directly, and even find their closest local café in which to have a coffee.

Hardcore fans will enjoy exploring the global Championships section, which provides an in-depth look into the highly competitive and passionate world of crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

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