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Amazônia Font

Amazônia Font is a beautiful multidisciplinary design project with a purpose.

Bringing together elements of type, illustration, and web design, the project aims to create awareness around the wildlife of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest threatened with extinction.

It also explores the idea of developing a complete design eco-system for a unique experience, as well as providing an independent purchase platform for a typeface system.

The main element of this system is undoubtedly the Amazônia Script, a type design inspired by the exotic wildlife of the Amazon. Completely drawn in brush pen by Sofia Mohr, this versatile font consists of 763 slightly rugged and condensed glyphs – fast, curved strokes, swashes for both capital and lower case letters, as well as alternate characters.

Visitors can experiment with this typeface and see it in action using the site’s interactive font tester, a tool allowing users to format custom input text according to size, color, and alignment.

The font also includes a decorative variant; Amazônia Life, a font design developed by designer, Sebastián Águila, that contains a set of dingbats (icons) representing endangered Amazonian rainforest animals.

In order to generate a greater impact, 26 animal illustrations were developed by the artist, Soledad Águila, completing the system and providing a more realistic element to the project.

The finishing touches were applied by Chilean studio, Trama Studio, who crafted an engaging, interactive web interface and user experience for this unique font specimen and eCommerce site. Bravo!

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