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Anatomy Trains

Anatomy Trains conducts CEU-accredited certification training for hands-on therapists and movement educators worldwide.

Their short professional development courses, ATSI training, and dissection courses are offered both online and in-person to “expand your knowledge of the ‘anatomy of connection’”.

Tom Myers developed Anatomy Trains back in the 1990s “as a game for students to play when I was teaching Fascial Anatomy at the Rolf Institute.” The internationally renowned master bodyworker realized “…if I was going to lay claim to this idea and have it come out correctly, I needed to get it written down.”

His book was first published in 2001 and is currently in its fourth edition. It has since been translated into multiple languages, including German, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

“We are very grateful and humbled by the positive reception Anatomy Trains has received, and inspired by the ways it has been applied in many professions in different cultures.”

Myers additionally offers training in structural bodywork techniques for health professionals through webinars, books, DVDs, tensegrity models, and posters. These educational materials assist students in further visualizing the concepts covered in Anatomy Trains.

Anatomy Trains turned to experienced WooExperts, Hall, to “create a new user experience” through custom development, responsive design, and SEO expertise.

Hall’s development team integrated the site with its proprietary eCommerce order management system, CrossPeak. Design and development teams worked together to update and improve the training course management sign-up and check-out processes, enabling Anatomy Trains to “far exceed their sales projections”.

Automated email workflows were also developed and implemented to allow the bodywork training provider to effectively nurture their customers throughout the entire sales process.