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April Soderstrom

April Soderstrom designs colorful, luxury, handmade jewelry for everyday living.

April is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur living and working in Boston, MA. Her passion for jewelry and a desire to create was evident from an early age. She launched her company, April Soderstrom, in 2012 and made an immediate impact with her stylish, lightweight hoops and earrings. Now, she’s created a niche with her vibrantly colorful, powerfully feminine designs.

Determined to create luxury jewels at an accessible price, April takes pride in only creating pieces she personally loves and wears herself. Many items are one of a kind, and her obsession with quality and attention to detail shines through in each piece. “We love nothing more than to see how each person styles our jewelry to perfectly fit their story, mood, and style,” she gushes.

Handmade jewelry that’s “a little classy and a touch bad-assy.”

April has a flair for creating boho-chic pieces that mix unexpected combinations of metals and stones to add personality and style to any outfit. Her handmade, best-selling Featherweight Earrings and Good Vibes Bracelets are a celebrity fan favorite. Both supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, and author/public speaker, Deepak Chopra, have been spotted wearing April Soderstrom pieces, and collections have been featured on E! News, The Today Show, and The Bachelorette.

Vibrant color combinations, precise beadwork, and other eye-catching design elements are present in each hand-crafted piece.

“Along with the sale items on the website, you’ll find my line of ultra-glamorous, Swarovski crystal, pageant earrings that are available both for rent or purchase,” adds April. These pieces are “a great way to keep your pageant budget in line”, and an excellent way to “glam up” for any black-tie event.