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Bang On Books

Bang On Books create beautifully illustrated, personalized story books for children.

These light-hearted, unique books are full of fun, adventure, and good morals, helping little ones fall in love with story time and grow into well-rounded people. Each story fully immerses children in adventures where they become the main character – the hero.

Customers are able to personalize several different stories in three short steps:

  • • Upload a photo of the child to the Magic Mirror
  • • Pick a hero and add the child’s name
  • • Write a special dedication

Founder, Simon, firmly believes that reading has a wonderful power to spark children’s imaginations. He met illustrator, Hannah, after his small printing company produced her first children’s book whilst she was still at university.

“I loved her work” says Simon. “After I came up with the concept [of Bang On Books] and formed the business, I was fortunate enough to invite her on board [and] bring her magic to the pages of the books.”

“Illustration is such a huge part of a children’s story book. It gives you the chance to add another dimension through pictures, and I’m very grateful to be able to dedicate my time hand-drawing illustrations for Bang On Books,” adds Hannah.

Simon, Hannah, and the rest of the team don’t only write, illustrate, and graphically compose each story – they print, bind, and ship each book themselves.

A customizable product deserves a highly customizable website. The open source power and freedom of WordPress and WooCommerce was a natural fit for Bang On Books.

“The site is running on a fully customized theme using various WooCommerce hooks and templates. The book generator is a custom API that is also hooked into WooCommerce to keep the ordering process as secure and simple as possible for users.”
– Jonathan Young

“There is nothing better for us than seeing both children and adults enjoying our books,” concludes Jonathan. “It’s an excellent way for parents/guardians/caregivers to engage and bond with the hero of their very own story.”