Mobile App Refresh Campaign [Banner] 2024


Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

BetterBody Foods

At BetterBody Foods, we believe making better food choices contributes to a happy and healthy life. We are committed to providing the best organic and natural foods for cooking, baking, health and wellness. Our goal is to teach our customers about how to use these revolutionary products to make powerful and healthy changes in their lives. We want to help you live life to the fullest. Recently, we redesigned our website so that customers could buy our products directly online—an experience our old website didn’t provide for users with. We launched the new website with new branding for our whole family of products. WooCommerce allowed us to create a very unique experience for users when they add products to their cart. A prompting comes up, asking them how many units they would like to order. This prompt lets them know that they are X number of items away from free shipping—encouraging them to order multiple products. We also built in the functionality of adding recipe ingredients to their cart directly from the recipe page. Everything on the site encourages the user to buy product—all thanks to WooCommerce.