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BIPA is one of the largest health and beauty retail chains in Europe.

Its core business philosophy is evident in the original name “BILLIG PARFÜMERIE” (meaning “favorable perfumery”).

Their extensive range of perfume, eau de cologne, and eau de toilette brands for him and her makes them a popular destination for Croatian shoppers.

BIPA perfumes aim to inspire, entertain, and inform anyone taking an interest in “the fascinating world of fragrances.”

“Our job was to create a modular and highly customizable eCommerce platform devoted to perfumes.”

Neuralab, WooExperts based in New York and Zagreb, designed this powerful, classy site with a mobile-first approach, creating a seamless and consistent experience across any device. “Our job was to create a modular and highly customizable eCommerce platform devoted to perfumes,” explains Krešimir Končić, Neuralab CEO. “One of our priorities was the improvement and optimization of the mobile experience.”

He and his team set out to showcase BIPA’s extensive perfume collection as “the best ratio of high-quality brands and budget prices…for its customers.

A custom landing page with a selection of fourteen different modules was created for this purpose, with special attention paid to ensuring they remained customizable and user-friendly for BIPA staff. The page’s layout can be completely changed for each new campaign with minimal fuss.

This landing page is also a link between the site’s blog and eCommerce catalog. Each perfume is presented alongside its particular essence notes in an approachable, minimalistic way. Classic filtering and sorting options are bolstered by an additional filter for new products, bestsellers, and products on sale. Additionally, all products can be viewed at variable sizes.

Color was an important part of bringing the site to life, with Krešimir’s team using anthracite gray, magenta, and white extensively across the board as their primary colors. This choice was no accident. “This color palette gives the impression of tenderness, breathability, elegance, and modernism. It also complements categories such as floral perfumes, aromatic perfumes, oriental fragrances, and refreshing scents.”

The site has seen a successful launch, with over 384,705 page views and 117,000 perfume lovers using BIPA’s eCommerce platform as the main destination for fragrance exploration.