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Bloomscape provides seamless shopping, shipping, and delivery for houseplants from their base in Detroit, MI.

Born from a long line of greenhouse growers and floral industry innovators, founder Justin Mast traces his roots all the way back to ancestors who were pioneers in horticulture in the Netherlands.

Justin takes the knowledge and experience gained from the family business, combining it with his passion for plants to deliver ready-to-go greenery direct to your door.

Bloomscape’s plants are cared for by experts, and kept in optimal conditions until they’re shipped directly to you, the customer. Instead of the plant you’ve bought spending four weeks traveling from a greenhouse to warehouse via hot or cold truck, it only spends 3-4 days going from Bloomscape’s greenhouse to your front door.

Transported with care and experience in innovative packaging made from 100% recycled materials, your plant will arrive healthy, undamaged, and already thriving. Each full-grown plant is shipped ready-to-go in a pot with proper drainage—matching saucer included. It’s plants made simple, and maintaining an indoor garden has never been easier.

“[We] evaluated several eCommerce platforms in the market and settled on WooCommerce & WordPress with Bloomscape. The site needed to deliver both content and commerce, which is the intersection at which WooCommerce excels. In addition, it was extremely important that we did not limit future growth with the technology, since Bloomscape is an emerging business with evolving needs.”
– Nolte, developers

Partnering with New York agency LMNOP to launch the Bloomscape site, Nolte drove product management, engineering, testing, quality assurance, and overall eCommerce consulting. LMNOP, in turn, managed the project, branding, and UX design.

Notable features included a top-of-the-line extensive custom search, content areas, payment integrations, as well as many custom modules to enhance the overall user experience.

Everyone should live with a little more green; see how Bloomscape can help you craft a fresh, warm, meaningful space with high-quality plants.