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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

British Knights

British Knights create sneakers that inspire, motivate, provoke, and prevail.

The brand first launched as a line of boat shoes in New York City back in 1983, before its first line of “kicks” debuted in ‘86. These fresh sneakers defined the times, boasting bold, vivid colors, chunky soles, and fun styles.

They were created by Jack Schwartz Shoes, a small, family-owned company with three generations of experience in the footwear industry. Their famed Dymacel technology appeared in shoe models of the early 1990s, consisting of diamond-shaped green silicon cushioning embedded in a sole window. Dymacel aimed to “effectively absorb shock by dispersing vertical impact energy into a horizontal plane while maximizing energy return”, maintaining its memory after repeated compression.

Now, after several years under the radar, British Knights are making a comeback with a series of creative collaborations. By teaming up with the world’s hottest up-and-coming artists, they’re stepping out of the past and straight into the future. This revamped product line places them back in the spotlight while honoring British Knights’ long legacy of originality and daring design.

“Artists are the new athletes.”

Longtime fans will be excited to learn that the team that launched the brand, Jack Schwartz Shoes, is the driving force behind this new revival series of footwear and apparel.

The company approached WooExperts, Zen Agency, to rebuild its website and maximize performance, conversions, and efficiency. Their previous site ran on an inefficient combination of frameworks, necessitating a long-overdue rethink.

Zen Agency completely overhauled British Knights’ web presence, using the open-source freedom of WordPress and WooCommerce as its foundation. ERP integration was streamlined while also minimizing the time needed to create data structure and import product data.
Product category page customizations include variation swatches, with Zen Agency also implementing an efficient way for the shoe brand’s staff to process returns.