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Dumpster Market

Dumpster Market is the first online comparison marketplace for roll-off container rental.

Many people are used to booking hotels and flights by comparing their options in one place, booking from a phone or computer.

Laurel Mountain Partners – the brains behind Dumpster Market – decided that dumpster rental should be no different. This approach not only makes it simpler for customers looking to rent: it also empowers more dumpster rental companies to put their conduct their business online, placing them in front of consumers who are ready to purchase.

The team met with hundreds of haulers and, with their guidance, created software to ensure that haulers who sign up only get the orders they want. Orders received are already paid for by customers, and each hauler is provided with tools to process and fulfil that order.

Dumpster Market’s interface allows customers to search for dumpsters based on their location, size, and type of debris, and price. They are then able to schedule their dumpster rental online in minutes.

The entire rental process takes just a few clicks, providing a unique and completely customized experience for both customers and the 100+ haulers across the United States.

“We took the marketplace live at the beginning of 2018 and now have over 100 haulers across the country participating in our marketplace. We’ve processed hundreds of orders with great feedback from both haulers and customers.”
– Dumpster Market

As a step beyond the marketplace, haulers have access to their own custom dashboard to easily list new dumpsters for rental, receive payments online, and manage aspects of the entire process. They are able to accept orders directly from customers on their own sites through the Dumpster Market Online Ordering System (DMOOS): utilizing the same technology as the central marketplace, but branded for their business.

Dumpster Market is a whole new take on the dumpster rental experience, and an excellent example of the level of customization that WooCommerce provides.