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Everase specializes in the resurfacing of old chalkboards or stained whiteboards to convert them into high quality Everase Whiteboards.

The company have developed a proprietary, technically advanced dry erase surface used in a variety of personal and professional settings. “Ghosting” or marker residue is no longer left behind, thanks to a specialty coating allowing for vivid, colorful presentations.

This coating guarantees a long-lasting durability unlike any other, with built-in stain, scratch and chemical resistant properties across a range of products such as whiteboards, chalkboards, erasable wall coverings, Re-Stic surfaces, and clear dry erase overlaminates.

Manufactured in the United States of America in Warminster, PA, Everase has revolutionized the market by transforming dusty chalkboards and ghosted whiteboards into effective communication tools in schools, workplaces, and locker rooms across the country.

“I expect every customer to be thrilled with the performance of their Everase product.”
– M.J. Dani, founder

Mindful of impact on the environment, the company are committed to making a tangible difference by choosing to resurface and not replace. To date, they have replaced roughly 150,000 chalkboards and whiteboards and counting, saving landfills from old chalkboards and whiteboards.

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