Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


When the client came to us, they had a vision, an idea. They wanted to become the go to source for discounted eyewear. Modern and memorable. We were tasked with creating this identity from the name up. When thinking about consumers and their love of fashionable sunglasses, we almost thought of it as an addiction…you can never just own one pair of sunglasses. And at the rates that our client was proposing to sell their inventory for, it would be all too easy to become addicted to buying sunglasses. So, EYEDICTIVE was born. Using a modern minimalist approach, we created a time-honored and powerfully simple wordmark. Using a contemporary color scheme that would give it the power to explain visually throughout designs, we created a graphic styling that only speaks volumes to the quality of products offered by EYEDICTIVE. From supporting colors, fonts, and graphic element styling, we forged the EYEDICTIVE brand identity with success in mind and invite expandability in the future. Key Concept of the Website: This site is a daily deal site with two pairs of glasses, the deals, available on any given day. One deal is for women, and another for men. Deals are available for a predetermined amount of time which is communicated to the customer, or until inventory has been exhausted. The deals are merchandised on the homepage, and drive people to an item page for details, where they can see product price, variations, multiple images, inventory levels, description, and specifications/attributes as you would expect, and of course, add the product to the cart in various quantities.