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GenSol Diagnostics

GenSol Diagnostics specializes in genetic disease and coat testing for dogs.

Since 2008, they have been providing affordable and state-of-the-art DNA testing services for breeders, veterinarians, and dog owners in order to help reduce the incidence of disease in canines.

GenSol was founded and is owned by Dr. Micah D. Halpern, who has extensive experience in assay design, implementation, and validation for a number of applications/fields.

Genetic testing is an excellent tool for determining and cultivating genetically healthy breeding practices, in addition to providing diagnostics when it comes to preventative wellness planning. These tests are easy to administer, with non-invasive cheek swab sampling meaning that there are no blood samples required.

GenSol also provide rapid turnaround – typically 24 to 48 hours for professional, accurate, and guaranteed results.

“Using Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, Conditional Shipping and Payments, and WooCommerce Print Invoices and Packing Lists, GenSol’s checkout process has become more streamlined. Making the customer experience intuitive and easy has been a breeze with WooCommerce.” – coolblueweb, developers

Reducing the cost of canine genetic screening, GenSol Diagnostics provides affordable science for man’s best friend, with over 15 years’ worth of experience in diagnostic testing.