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Jealous Devil

Jealous Devil brings superior, restaurant-quality grilling to your backyard with natural hardwood charcoal and firelogs.

All woods used in Jealous Devil products are sourced from responsibly managed forests in a sustainable fashion. Their signature large lump charcoal, ChunxXL, uses just one ingredient: hand-picked Quebracho Blanco “ax-breaker” hardwood. This pure South American wood is 30% denser than oak or hickory.

“We spent years perfecting the methods we would use to share it with the world,” says a Jealous Devil spokesperson from the brand’s headquarters in Hermosa Beach, CA. “Our ambition still burns as hot as ever.” Each batch is hand-cut and fired in brick kilns using a special carbonization process blending traditional methods with modern innovation.

“[Jealous Devil charcoal] burns clean and hot…great for winning BBQ championships”
– Harry Soo, Grand Champion Pitmaster

This super-size charcoal is preferred by grand champion pitmasters, professional chefs, and backyard enthusiasts alike due to its “hotter, cleaner burn”. There’s no bitter smoke, excessive ash, or uneven heat either, with Jealous Devil reporting it as “lasting 4+ hours in open grills, and up to 20+ hours in smokers/kamados.”

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