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Kasha is empowering women in East Africa to take health into their own hands by selling and delivering personal care and beauty products.

Started by two ex-Microsoft employees in 2015 who felt that women deserved a better experience when purchasing health and self-care products, Kasha is striving to become Africa’s largest platform for women’s health products and information.

Recognizing that people in Rwanda often have difficulty buying necessary health and hygiene products in public due to lingering shame, stigma, or lack of availability, this Rwandan start-up serves and empowers women across all socio-economic levels in both urban and rural areas.

“Kasha is really working to disrupt the way women access health products in emerging markets.”
– Joanna Bichsel, co-founder

Kasha is named after a co-founder’s daughter, representing their belief that all mothers want their daughters to live their best lives. The name serves as a constant reminder of the commitment to put the needs of women and girls at the heart of the brand.

In their first one and a half years of business, Kasha has delivered more than 10,000 orders whilst onboarding some of the largest global FMCG and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Their goal is to be able to one day serve millions of women around the world in developing countries.

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