Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers is a German online store which specialises in the supply of plastic sheet materials cut to size. Through the e-commerce shop, customers can order any size of panel customised to the required dimensions. The customer can immediately see the price and only pay for the size they need. Perfect for DIY projects, there will be no left over materials and there is no need to cut the panel to size yourself. The online store sells sheet plastic materials such as PVC, HPL, acrylic glass, Plexiglas, Trespa and even engineering plastics. All materials are produced ready for shipping within 48 hours. uses WordPress in combination with WooCommerce. Within the WooCommerce platform there are various plugins to improve the online shopping experience. Thanks to the WooThemes Price Calculator, customers can order all products customised to the required size. The dimensions of the sheet material is automatically sent to the saw machine so that panels can be cut automatically with few or no mistakes. Good integration of systems is essential to provide the very best customer experience. The Cart Add-ons plugin allows the most relevant sheet mounting materials to be displayed, while the PDF invoice plugin ensures that all customers are immediately sent an invoice following the confirmation of their order.