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MegaFit Meals

MegaFit Meals creates premium quality, fully cooked meals with perfect portions for fat loss or building muscle.

Customers select how many healthy meals they would like to order, choosing from a wide variety of clean, macro-balanced portions with the option to customize them further. All food is prepared in a USDA-approved facility, with keto, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options available.

Brothers and gym owners PG & Billy Georgiou were bodybuilders who used their parents’ restaurant to prepare their meals for the week. Once members of their gym noticed these meals, PG and Billy realized there was a demand for healthy cooked diet food. They began selling these meals from the gym to help people like them get fit without the hassle.

Fast forward five years and MegaFit Meals is one of the fastest-growing meal delivery companies, known throughout Kentucky for its quality meals.

MegaFit Meals came to WooExperts Virtina for help optimizing their online store. The team needed a unique bulk product order system where food could be ordered according to the customers’ needs, allowing them to add up to 10 products together.

Virtina rose to the challenge, creating an option to schedule delivery of each item in a bulk order based on a customer’s dietary needs. This means that a user can limit the number of products before browsing and get a notification when the product limit is reached. A bespoke delivery calculator was also created – vital for a fast-moving business delivering food to uncompromising customers.

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