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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

Monochrome Watches

Monochrome Watches was founded in 2006 and quickly grew to become a popular online magazine with one of the most important publications about high-end watchmaking in the world wide web and beyond. The online magazine is dedicated to fine watches and is always looking for an opportunity to explain everything about Haute Horlogerie – whether made by well-know watch brands who’ve been in the business for decades or even centuries, or made by individual independent watchmakers. In the summer of 2015 the website was initially relaunched by using a premium template, but it was not the most stable and fast solution, so they started again, with FourLeafed. FourLeafed created a custom responsive theme that was exactly like the team of Monochrome envisioned it, rebuilt and optimised all images, improved the usability of the website and much more, and is responsible for updates and hosting of the website. Now Monochrome meets the targets that they had planned, meaning it’s a very fast website for readers to browse, it has convenient menus serving all the information readers are looking for, and it can be read from any device.