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Mosquito Curtains

Mosquito Curtains is a small, family-run American business selling affordable outdoor curtains, enclosures, and netting.

The seed of an idea was planted when founders Kurt and Elizabeth Jordan when they decided to screen their own porch back in 1999. A contractor’s quote far exceeding their budget led the Georgia couple to take the initiative and do the job themselves.

“Our main issue was that we had lovely lathed columns. The contractor explained there was no way to staple screening to an irregularly shaped column,” says Kurt. “He would have had to frame around our beautiful architecture, significantly changing the look of our porch.”

After a quick trip to the fabric store, Kurt took the materials and very specific instructions to a tailor. “It turned out a whole lot better than we had imagined,” he laughs. “Best of all, it was removable, washable, and complemented our architecture for just a fraction of the initial cost.”

“There is something to be said about pointing to a physical product with your wife and proudly saying, ‘We made that.'”

Fast forward to 2004, and Kurt was looking for a career change. Unsatisfied in his Wall Street job as an institutional bond salesman, he decided to take a leap of faith and start a company with his wife. They took the idea they had developed for a removable alternative to porch screening and ran with it. Sixteen years later, Mosquito Curtains has 17 employees and is “growing like a weed.”

“There is something to be said about pointing to a physical product with your wife and proudly saying, ‘We made that,’ rather than staring [at] a stack of trade tickets,” he muses.

Today, their product offering has expanded; custom mosquito netting solutions for porches and patios have been joined by clear vinyl plastic enclosures and Industrial-grade raw “heavy” netting.

“In 2004, it took us nine hours to make our first curtain,” remembers Kurt. “By developing a streamlined process and adding automation, not only is the quality far better with perfect stitching, that same curtain is now produced in about 25 minutes.”

The site was developed by WooExperts “Mosquito Curtains’ products had a unique setup, as there were many options and rules regarding which product is dependent on another,” says founder and developer Shadi Manna. “Many custom tools were developed for the salespeople of the organization to facilitate easy ordering via phone or even email.”