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Nomsly are on a mission: eat well, have fun, and do good.

Getting kids to eat their vegetables isn’t always easy, and one of the best ways to help is to make it fun. From easy-to-eat finger foods to witty meal names and cute, friendly characters, Nomsly do their best to make mealtime a good time. No matter what you choose, you can feel comfortable knowing you’ve made a nutritious choice for your family.

Founded by Christopher Buck, father of two girls, and Andrew Macaulay, the duo were commiserating over the challenges of eating healthy when they hit upon the idea for a subscription food service.

My wife and I were spending hours per week planning lunches for our daughters, washing containers, prepping food, and packing lunch. We searched for ways to get back some of our limited time, but struggled to find options that provided healthy and nutritious foods for our daughters.

– Christopher Buck, co-founder

A diverse menu of delicious and nutritious food provides a healthy diet, broadens kids’ culinary horizons, and lets busy parents relax knowing that their kids are building healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives. You’re able to select from a seasonal and evolving lunch menu to guide your child on the journey of lifelong healthy eating with meals they’ll love to eat.

Reassuringly, a licensed and registered dietitian, oversees all menus and ensures that each meal is nutritionally balanced. Powered by WooCommerce Subscriptions, weekly meals ship via overnight mail directly to your house in an insulated refrigerator box, ensuring your food arrives fresh, crisp and tasty.

Nomsly also believe in being a beneficial part of their community and giving back at every opportunity. From sourcing food locally to composting food scraps to using easily recyclable packaging, they are firmly committed to minimizing environmental impact.

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