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Nordic Appeal

Nordic Appeal makes beautiful, ergonomic accessories for Apple computers using molded wood in a traditional Scandinavian style.

Founded in 2010 by Maria-Louisa Rosendal and Martin Bay, the company is located in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. They aim to innovate and improve the computer working space by making it more comfortable.

“Our main concern with the modern workspace is that computers – even today – are not designed with ergonomics in mind” says Maria-Louisa.

“Today people want to create and work from a multitude of spaces. This is why we have designed beautiful, functional accessories to make working anywhere pleasurable, comfortable, and possible.”

Nordic Appeal’s first product – the minimalist, multifunctional Wall Desk – was created for a student project. A MacBook stand, iMac stand, and MacBook Rack followed, all made from molded wood.

“We have chosen to produce in Denmark because we want to continue the country’s existing tradition of skilled craftsmanship and design. At the same time we strive to use the most environmentally friendly materials to minimize our environmental impact.”

Whether you’re hot desking in an office or sipping coffee in a hip café, Nordic Appeal gives you the freedom and flexibility to create your own laptop station.