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Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike is a company with a mission: keeping injured veterans on the move through participation in adaptive sports. They do this through the Oscar Mike Foundation, which is funded in part by donations and largely by the sale of apparel and other products on their website.

After serving the United States of America in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Marine, Oscar Mike’s founder, Noah Currier, was injured three days after returning to American soil in a car accident caused by a driver falling asleep at the wheel. When he woke up at Walter Reed and learned he was paralyzed from the neck down, he was devastated. It was a friend’s urging that Noah attend an adaptive sporting event that revealed to him, years later, that he didn’t have to be defined by his injury. Noah became quick friends with the people he met during that event and, upon asking them if he would see them at the next event, he learned that many couldn’t afford to return each year.

It had been such a life altering experience for him and he wanted to make sure that every injured veteran was afforded an opportunity to have the same experience. His frustration with the fact that they couldn’t spawned an idea, and Oscar Mike’s first shirt was born out of that idea. Emblazoned with a modified Shakespeare quote, “He who sheds blood with me shall forever be my brother,” the first shirt resonated with people and sold quickly. Soon, more were added and the apparel company took shape, operating out of Noah’s garage. With over 150 shirt designs and growing, a warehouse and additional staff, Oscar Mike needed to rethink their strategy for their website.

It had been built on WooCommerce from the beginning, but was a few versions behind and needed to be redesigned, as the design was getting a little stale and didn’t fit some of their emerging goals. We moved the site to an enterprise server, implementing version control and a deployment process so that they were prepared for growth. Then, we built a custom theme for the site to match their goals based on a collaboratively created design.

Shortly thereafter, we implemented a new customer loyalty program, O.M. Nation, built on WooCommerce Subscriptions. Recently, we added support for vendor stores to help Oscar Mike expand beyond their core mission and begin helping other Veteran Service Organizations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), with the design, sale and fulfillment of their apparel and other merchandise.

Additionally, we helped to examine Oscar Mike’s internal processes, implementing tools and processes that allowed them to fulfill orders more rapidly while reducing overall shipping costs in both human and financial capital. Today, Oscar Mike has apparel in Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field and Stream stores throughout the United States and is continually growing in both overall sales and in their ability to serve injured veterans via those sales.

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