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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

Raybuck Auto Body Parts

Raybuck provides high quality auto parts and is focused on providing a higher level of customer service than “The Big Guys” while still offering competitive (and often better) prices. This project proved to be quite complex due to the complexities of migrating the previous non-mobile-friendly website content to the new mobile-responsive WooCommerce system. The database boasts over 15,000 products, 80,000 customers and hundreds of thousands of orders, which all had to be imported in from an old FoxPro Database Management System Utilizing Gravity Forms and Woo, we were able to create many conditional product options with color and material swatch pickers. The conditional fields are all based on the attributes of each product. Also, we’ve integrated with a 3rd party search system to give customers a precise search and product filtering experience.