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Scratch believe that pet food is broken, and they’ve been out to fix it since launching in September 2018.

Founders and dog-lovers, Mike and Doug, have had enough of the expensive, average-quality dry pet food on the market – ground-up dodgy meat, cheap ingredients, heavy bags, and minimal transparency.

They’re taking on the big guys and shaking things up – from the supply chain right down to how it’s delivered, in a way that’s better for you and also easier on the planet.

94% of pet food in Australia is bought in retail stores, with less than 0.1% purchased from brands directly. Scratch is changing this with their WooCommerce-powered subscription service, selling pet food directly to the customer, and shipping it for free.

This disruptive startup take the retail markup and pump it into healthier ingredients – “no filla, all killa”, as they say. This grain-free goodness gives your best friend healthier skin, a shinier coat, a stronger immune system, and extra energy.

Every part of their packaging is recyclable, with the brand donating 1% of its revenue towards environmental and social projects.

Their beautifully-designed online store is chock-full of quirky, humorous copy – with powerful functionality lurking under the hood to make the subscription ordering process a breeze.

“…we’re really using the power of WooCommerce to make a beautiful and effortless customer experience”
– Mike Halligan

“It’s heavily customized to suit that nature of the industry” says developer, Mike Halligan, of the Scratch Pet Food website. “Rather than shipping a new box every month, we’ve built our own on-boarding that has the user tell us about their dog in order to calculate how long a box will last them, and renewing on that many days.”

“Once they’re a customer, we’re really using the power of WooCommerce to make a beautiful and effortless customer experience”, continues Halligan.

“With easy subscription renewals, warehouse integration and most importantly, an account backend to change the speed of renewal, [customers are able to] update your dog’s details, add a new one to your plan, or simply check their personalized feeding instructions.”

Scratch Pet Food is dog food that you and your furry friend can feel good about – and it’s turning the dry food world on its head.