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Snoot is an innovative Swedish clothing brand focused on quality and functionality for discerning travelers.

The company and concept was created in 2009 by Peter Blom, one of the co-founders of fashion brand Peak Performance. Snoot aims to combine the functionality and durability of the sportswear industry with an attention to detail and design consciousness inherent in the fashion industry. This vision results in beautifully designed, garments with a modern fit – pure functional elegance.

“We produce our items for the modern traveler. Be it in the city or the mountains, our pieces will keep you dry of water and winter precipitation and stay breathable during activity.”

The brand’s seasonal collections of garments for both men and women are also available in their flagship retail store in Stockholm – alongside Snoot’s “favorite, handpicked products from other brands that inspire us”.

Their multilingual online fashion store was brought to life by Gothenburg-based WooExperts Wallmander & Co.