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Soxs sells hip, comfortable, high quality woollen socks.

These super soft socks are created responsibly, made of “ecological wool” produced sustainably from New Zealand sheep. Soxs are developed in accordance with the IWTO principles, and the finishing touches, including the traditional hand-labelling on the final product, are all done in the Netherlands.

One size fits all, with each pair keeping your feet so warm and toasty that you’ll wish it was winter all year round. They breathe and regulate moisture too, and do not itch – even after washing.

There are three different models available: high, medium, and low. The high model is knee height, the medium model has the length of a regular sock, and the low model is an ankle sock. After deciding which style you’d prefer, you’re then able to personalize your order as a gift, should you choose to. You can design your unique personal card, box or label.

“[] is multilingual and perfectly scaleable to [add] other languages. The advantage is that you can set discounts for each country, carry out campaigns and technically choose payment methods per country.
– Tussendoor, developer

Wonderfully warm, all natural, and manufactured sustainably with respect for animals – Soxs are made with just as much love as the socks your grandmother used to knit for you.