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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

Stems Brooklyn

Stems Brooklyn is a florist creating one-of-a-kind mixed garden bouquets out of Brooklyn, NY.

The business began in 2013 as a neighborhood flower shop, offering workshops and flower arrangements in the front space of a bar. Store owner, Suzanna Cameron, started out with “a thousand dollars in my pocket and an Instagram account”.

Today, Stems Brooklyn has two creative teams: a weddings and events department as well as a retail flower shop department, each specializing in curated floral design work with flair.

Designers are given the freedom to express their creativity by blending the perfect mix of flora – sourced both locally and from all over the world.

All flower delivery designs are specifically arranged for Brooklyn homes, apartments, and businesses. Each “frontal facing” design showcases all the florals in an arrangement and is meant to be viewed from a single side – maximizing its beauty for smaller city spaces.

Before launching their WooCommerce-powered store, the previous online ordering process was time-consuming and frustrating. Customers would have to fill out an order form, wait for a response, then have their payment processed. This multi-step process often led to issues with orders, resulting in orders being delayed.

“My web designer suggested using WooCommerce. Our goal was to sell arrangements online in real-time, but we had a lot of conditional elements that other traditional online sales platforms wouldn’t work with our website,” says Suzanna.

“The fact that WooCommerce integrated with Square was a big plus.”

Some of the conditional elements required by Suzanna and her team were features such as cut-off times for orders, as well as delivery time windows.

Thanks to Square and WooCommerce, the store’s customers can now instantly place an order online. This has significantly streamlined order processes, allowing the business to accept orders 24/7, and a 20% increase in sales.

“Being able to sell our flowers with conditional delivery options online and have it integrate with Square has been great, one less app we have to manage.”

– Suzanna Cameron, owner

This Square and WooCommerce integration has given customers a place to purchase – a floral marketplace – rather than simply being a mere web presence or online portfolio for Suzanna and her Stems Brooklyn team.