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Strandberg Guitars

Strandberg Guitars manufacture visually striking, headless electric guitars built to allow for increased precision, unparalleled comfort, and extended playing time.

Founder, Ola Strandberg, and his team have developed guitars that make the best musicians even better with the help of modern technology and innovative solutions. Components are engineered from the highest performance materials available – instruments are crafted by hand where “feel” is required, using CNC machinery where precision is necessary.

This Uppsala, Sweden-based company has roots dating back to 1982, but took off in 2007 when Ola’s innovative ergonomic designs quickly gained momentum through Internet forums – leading him to quit his day job and acquire a patent for his unique EndurNeck™ neck shape.

Strandberg’s versatile, solid-body instruments offer a rich sonic character that sets them further apart from the crowd. Known to be aggressively loud and growling, they are also able to be sensitive and hyper-responsive to the player’s most delicate touch.

They have actively engaged the global community in a public design process for their six-, seven-, and eight-string guitars. This unprecedented process has been documented online, with many results licensed under Creative Commons Share-And-Share-Alike 3.0 Licensing.

WooExperts, Angry Creative, were charged with revamping Strandberg’s online presence to better represent the brand’s modern innovation and technical nous. They also required seamless ERP integration to streamline their administrative work, as well as a robust, reliable checkout experience.

“Strandberg Guitars sells modern and technical guitars, but their earlier eCommerce site did not reflect this. They needed an eCommerce and marketing site that, with a good customer experience, both reflects their actual brand and increases their conversion.”
– Angry Creative

If you’re serious about tone and unique sonic character, get the most out of your playing and sound with a Strandberg guitar.