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Strands of Humanity

Strands of Humanity is a luxury hand-tied hair extension company with a charitable mission.

Founder and CEO Michelle Moore has been a licensed and certified professional in the hair and beauty business for nearly two decades and saw an opportunity to start her own business after repeatedly struggling to find quality hair extensions.

With the hair extension market estimated to grow by $4 billion by 2025, it seemed like the perfect time for Michelle to take her expertise and vision online and provide stylists with high-class inventory they could count on.

Strands of Humanity initially signed up for Shopify but soon ran into limitations. “[Shopify] wasn’t giving us an option to do much of anything to where we really wanted it to be, so we switched over to WooCommerce. Couldn’t be happier with our decision as a company – not one issue since we started.”

“From never having a background with an online presence to do this in three months is a big testament to the ease and feasibility of WooCommerce.”

“Our programmer chose WooCommerce because of the flexibility that we needed,” explains Michelle. “To have an open platform…it’s basically endless to what you can do, and we wanted to have a specific style. Only WooCommerce was going to allow us that option.”

When it comes to defining success, it’s not only about luxury hair extensions – it’s about creating a community. A large part of what drives Michelle is giving back, and a portion of their proceeds are sent to charities sharing this same vision. “Our motto, ‘We have the opportunity to come together and use our talents to help others,’ refers not only to providing quality products but also giving back to charities and causes dear to our heart. We also strive to support our customer, the stylist.”

“We rolled out WooCommerce Payments. It works very, very well – cart abandonment has been significantly reduced.”

Getting paid is a crucial aspect of eCommerce, and adding WooCommerce Payments to Strands of Humanity’s fast-growing online marketplace had an almost instant effect. “We rolled out WooCommerce Payments. [It] works very, very well,” grins Michael, husband and CFO. “I mean, cart abandonment has been significantly reduced.”

With WooCommerce Payments now enabling merchants to accept Apple Pay, Michael is already predicting that it will be a significant driver for the business. “Apple Pay [via WooCommerce Payments] has given our customers a new and easy way to purchase our product. We are all about creating the best user experience when it comes to our website.”

“We’ve had a lot of people say, ‘Do you have Apple Pay?’ It’s going to probably be 30-35% of our payment processing [in the next six months].

“Technology has allowed us to be competitive and open a business that, even 10 years ago, wouldn’t have been possible for us. We are a company with complex needs and limited resources, and WooCommerce has made setting up the business so much easier.”

As for the future, Michelle and her passionate team are looking to branch out into new ventures and grow her company. Success brings a new set of challenges, including scaling the business to meet growing demand. “Our challenge is a good one to have!” Michelle laughs. “We are growing very quickly and have had to create added infrastructure to support the demand for hair and the ever-increasing size of the company.”

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