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The Antique Jewellery Company

The Antique Jewellery Company is a London-based, family-run company with more than 40 years’ experience in the antique jewellery trade.

Founded in 2008, the company provide customers the world over with unrivalled access to a high-quality and extensive collection of antique, vintage, and estate engagement rings and jewellery, carefully sourced in London.

Founder, Olly Gerrish, is one of the UK’s foremost antique jewellery authorities, with a highly-trained eye for quality. This gives her unparalleled access to the best pieces on the market, from which she meticulously makes her selection.

“In 2009 my son Matt built a simple website and started listing some of my items online. Little did we know that over the next several years The Antique Jewellery Company would grow to become one of the world’s leading online destinations for antique jewellery.”
– Olly Gerrish, founder

The AJC’s aim is to celebrate the best of antique jewellery, challenge preconceptions, and reach out to new audiences who may not have considered buying antique before. They do not deal in reproductions or imitations, meaning customers can be assured of the quality and authenticity of all of their items.

From Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco through to the retro fashions of the 1940s and 1950s, only the finest examples of antique jewellery make the cut.