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Trash Amps

Trash Amps upcycle mason jars, soda cans and beer cans into great sounding portable speakers and guitar amplifiers.

When two friends built a guitar amp inside a regular soda can, they quickly realized that they could put music in anything. Initially handmade in a garage and on a dining room table, Trash Amps has steadily grown and expanded, with customers from all over the world – music lovers and musicians alike.

Adam and Ron’s clever designs produce amazing sounds that can travel with you anywhere, allowing you to play music from any device with a headphone jack (smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops, etc.), whilst also doubling as a fun, portable practice amp for your instrument.

Not content with just offering pre-built speakers, these two Cal Poly engineering alumni from Santa Clara, CA want to help you make your own as well. A DIY speaker kit lets you build your very own speaker using a mason Jar or even your own custom enclosure – your only limit is your creativity.

A creative blend of music, novelty, and sustainability, Trash Amps are transforming everyday objects into portable speakers, upcycling rather than manufacturing new black boxes.

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