Save money on domestic shipping

USPS + WooCommerce

Get your orders ready to be shipped faster and for less, with USPS and WooCommerce Shipping.

Save time and money shipping in the U.S.

WooCommerce Shipping lets you quickly print USPS labels at a discount, without leaving your WooCommerce dashboard.

Gain access to the lowest shipping rates

Stop overpaying for your postage. With WooCommerce Shipping, you can access the lowest rates on USPS postage.

Print labels directly from your dashboard

No more copying-and-pasting order details from screen to screen. WooCommerce Shipping lets you ship in a matter of clicks.

Contactless order fulfilment

Let USPS know where your package will be, choose a date and time that works for you, and they will take care of the rest!

A happier way to ship awaits

Print discounted labels for domestic shipments right from your WooCommerce dashboard today!

Better together: WooCommerce Shipping and USPS

Check out all there is to love about WooCommerce Shipping and USPS.

Save money on USPS labels

Let us do the negotiating for you. With WooCommerce Shipping, you can access deep savings on your USPS shipments.

With a few clicks, you can print USPS labels with no markups, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs.

Everything you need in one dashboard

You can set up your payment info, and manage your label and package preferences ahead of time with WooCommerce Shipping. That means when you get an order, you’re ready to print — no more copying-and-pasting from one screen to the next.

Check out the WooCommerce Shipping Guide to get started with WooCommerce Shipping.

Did we mention it’s free to install?

Ship packages directly from your home or business

Delivering packages to the post office and waiting in a long line probably isn’t the most exciting part of your day. Good news: USPS will pick up your products directly from your front door. If you use WooCommerce Shipping, you can schedule those pickups directly from your WordPress dashboard.

1. Download WooCommerce Shipping.
2. Install, connect, and set up your labels and packaging preferences. Here are step-by-step instructions for getting set up.
3. Now, with a few clicks you can let USPS know where your package will be, choose a date and time that will work for you, and USPS will take care of the rest!

Get started for free

Install WooCommerce Shipping for free, and quickly start printing discounted USPS labels without having to leave your workflow.

Learn more about shipping with WooCommerce

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Here are some things you might want to know about WooCommerce Shipping.

  1. How much does this service cost?

WooCommerce Shipping is free to install – no markup, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs. By using WooCommerce Shipping, you’ll get access to the lowest USPS and DHL label rates.

  1. Can I display accurate USPS shipping rates to my customers during the checkout?

Yes, by using the USPS Shipping Method extension. It will get rates directly from USPS and display and charge them to your customers at checkout.

  1. What if I’m not in the US?

We’re working on adding more providers and services so that more stores can get the benefits of WooCommerce Shipping. Let us know where you’d like to see WooCommerce Shipping next. In the meantime, solutions like ShipStation and Shippo offer label printing for carriers outside of the US.