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Ability to add resource quantities by date/time range

My client runs boat transfers to an from an island, it leaves the mainland at 8am and leaves the island at 4pm.

I’ve set up a resources for each direction with the quantities set to the capacity of the boat.

We would like to be able to lower the quantity for a particular boat trip to reflect bookings that come from other channels.

Say if a quantity field was added to the resource availability ranges as well as the boolean ‘Bookable’ option.


Current Status


Last updated: December 7, 2016


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  1. Marcel says:

    Has anyone here found a solution, a workaround or could rewrite it?

  2. John W says:

    I need to be able to vary resource quantity by Range for a very different purpose. My resource is staff hours available in a workshop, that can be deployed on different bookable products, each with different quantity requirements. Since available hours may vary (week to week in my case) I currently have to set up 53 weekly resources to control that variability, and link every product to all 53. Pretty clunky, and prone to error!

    What I need to be able to set one resource and then vary quantity available by range – in much the same way as overall base and block costs can be set for the product, and varied by range.