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WooCommerce Bookings

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Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.

Ability to Book multiple resources as options with variable pricing

We need the ability to have users select how many resources they want to book and have it track – in our case ATV/UTV machines. If I set up a resource called UTV and add 5 of them, the price will vary depending on how many are selected, as it is now, a user can only select one unless I make them all separate resources, which makes no sense from a front-end stand point.


Current Status


Last updated: October 16, 2014


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  1. Glenn Murdoch says:

    I got this working by doing three things:

    1. First, make sure that ’Sold individually’ isn’t checked in the Inventory tab, before changing the product to a Bookable Product

    2. Next, enabling the ‘Has Persons’ and ‘Has Resources’ options in the Bookable Product.


I set my ‘Max Persons’ to a number higher than the number of resources I have assigned to the Product


I set ‘Multiply all costs by person count’ and ‘Count persons as bookings’

    3. I used the ‘Say What!’ Plugin to modify the word Persons to Quantity in my product pages and checkout process.

    Hopefully that helps!

    I had a conflict with the WPC Product Bundles plugin; this has a bug that stopped multiple bookings working, so I switched to Woo Product Bundles and it is working properly.

  2. Glenn Murdoch says:

    Email me for how I got it to work.

  3. Glenn Murdoch says:

    The Woo website here won;lt let me add a comment with my workaround……

  4. Glenn Murdoch says:

    Come on Woo!!!!! This is essential!!!!

  5. sunnysuryakant says:

    Thank you for this check this:

  6. Daniel Infante says:

    The same issue for me. A checkbox will be very convenient

  7. michele rallo says:

    a Huge Lack in building website.
    if i have a multi hotel website i’m forced to use rooms as products cause i cant’ give to rooms (features)different prices for different periods ) Imagine Worpress category page, instead rendering hotels it gives you rooms all together belonging to several and different hotel
    This means User Experice = 0
    This Means Conversion = 0
    Thanks to be the most expensive extension ever, with just basic features

  8. Jason says:

    Yes, we can be able to add checkbox inputs to auto calculate price. So we can add global resources as checkboxes or spesific resource to a product. That would be the real solution for all of us.

  9. Mike says:

    There is a workaround available for this that will enable you to book multiple resources at once using Persons:

  10. Ant B says:

    Yes, this is a must have feature. I have a room reservation system and one room can be split. This needs ability to book all or part of that room. Once a part is booked, the whole room can not be booked on that time.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is there any work arounds for this type of issue? Plugin?
    We have 3 spa rooms that need to read each other so we don’t over book ourselves and clients can choose to book 3 guests at a time in 3 different services. Having the client book one service at a time (because of how a resource needs to be set up) is not a viable option and could cause clients to book else where.

    This is what is stated in the set up process, but doesn’t ring true…
    Resources are used if you have multiple bookable items, e.g. room types, instructors or ticket types. Availability for resources is global across all bookable products.

    Please help .. is there and plug in add on to use or a code to impute. Some work around for this?

  12. Bernard says:

    Please do this – we need it

    Use cases
    Rentals of similar items – clothes, chairs….
    Beds in a dormitory
    expo space by m2

  13. Carol says:

    I am trying to add a booking whereby users can choose private or group tour – with the private option we need a sliding price scale dependent on the person count – with the group tour option it is a flat price irrespective of the number of people booking – Please can you update us ion this use case can be developed

  14. says:

    I have the same problem. Because of this restriction I can’t buy this product.

  15. gonzalo says:

    a real solution for the rent of things, but that the client can choose without leaving, with options of one, two or more drop-down lists for mini avatar so that the client sees and reserves without adding to the cart every time, that cools sales and you cannot fry flexible and attractive promotions. Please resolve thank you very much.

  16. Fab says:

    Same issue, we are a flying school, customers/students need to book/pay for a time slot and select 2 kinds of resources: Aircraft and Instructor.
    So I need to create groups of resources. Each resource (Instructor and Aircraft) should be able to see their own agenda.
    Without it, I cannot purchase de module.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Any update on this or still a long-standing issue?

  18. Mauricio Victoria says:

    I have this pet accomodation site and i need to people be able to choose which type of room they want for each of their pets. So it would be great if I could add more than one resource per bookable product.

  19. Mary-Ann says:

    Can’t believe this hasn’t been added or is under review yet! Seems like it’s basic functionality to be able to add multiple resources. Like others have said, it’s super inconvenient to have to create an entirely new product if you want to add a different resource. I have a flow set up for clients to be able to book sessions with different coaches, but I need to create separate events for each session and assign the coaches as a resource. Would be nice to set up one event and have customers choose the session type and coach on one product!

  20. Simon Sitto says:

    I need the ability to book MULTIPLE TIME SLOTS FOR DIFFERENT DAYS in ONE booking. Does anyone know how that can be done with this plugin please ?

  21. David Towoju says:

    I finally solved this.
    You can now book multiple resources in one booking. Please check here –

  22. Tim Wade says:

    Haha. You guys don’t know the half of it – I sell skiing and snowboarding holidays and have resources like skiing and snowboarding instructors that cost more and less at weekends, public holidays, Italian festivals and in high and low season. We also add ski hire (same) and ski passes in a high and low season for adults, children and under 6’s.

    Forget the resources on this plugin as it would infuriate a 2-year-old web designer and use in conjunction with the “WooCommerce Product Add-ons” plugin. That does anything you want it to – shame it doesn’t do the accommodation bookings too!

    If you want to buy me a beer – is my PayPal.

  23. eztrans says:

    running into the same problem. I have parties at a bowling alley. Each party takes up 2 lanes. I also want to have the ability to book 1 lane outside of a party.

    IT would seem like this would be possible but i have not figured it out

  24. naimah says:

    i also had problem with the resources. i have 2 resource of full board which is for children and adult. then, i want them to choose how many person for adult and how many person for children for full board.

    in the woocommerce booking, there is only function for dropdown menu which customer can only choose one . i need a tickable choice. which means, customer can tick multiple resource they want. and how many count of the resource they choose.

    hermm, when can woocommerce will update their booking plugin? in fact, the plugin didnt have search form that can make the customer easily find their booking option by searching through the search form..

    how sad is the function.. but price ifor this plugin is so expensive.

  25. mr design says:

    Yes!!! We need this.