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Ability to map product attributes to google Content API attributes

The use case that prompted this enhancement request is this:
I decided to try this plugin. The very first issue after setting it up and creating the feed was that each and every item was Disapproved with the error “Missing value [shipping]”.

My catalog does not use flat rate shipping and shipping cost varies greatly between different types of items. So I use Shipping Classes to setup table rate shipping in WooCommerce for different shipping regions/zones.

This shipping data is not getting sync’ed with Google.

[The ideal solution is to implement a proper sync’ing of shipping rates with Google Merchant, but this idea is already requested by someone, so I am creating a request for another idea, which, albeit sub-optimal for my use case, might be useful more generally and in more use cases]

Another workaround is to allow us to map an existing attribute (in this case product_shipping_class aka Shipping Class) to a Google Content API attribute (in this case shipping_label).

This will allow me to replicate a close-enough approximation of my shipping class based shipping rates in the Google Merchant interface and get my items published.

I believe this GitHub issue covers this request: https://github.com/woocommerce/google-listings-and-ads/issues/572

Current Status


Last updated: July 2, 2021


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