Ability to map product attributes to google Content API attributes

The use case that prompted this enhancement request is this:
I decided to try this plugin. The very first issue after setting it up and creating the feed was that each and every item was Disapproved with the error “Missing value [shipping]”.

My catalog does not use flat rate shipping and shipping cost varies greatly between different types of items. So I use Shipping Classes to setup table rate shipping in WooCommerce for different shipping regions/zones.

This shipping data is not getting sync’ed with Google.

[The ideal solution is to implement a proper sync’ing of shipping rates with Google Merchant, but this idea is already requested by someone, so I am creating a request for another idea, which, albeit sub-optimal for my use case, might be useful more generally and in more use cases]

Another workaround is to allow us to map an existing attribute (in this case product_shipping_class aka Shipping Class) to a Google Content API attribute (in this case shipping_label).

This will allow me to replicate a close-enough approximation of my shipping class based shipping rates in the Google Merchant interface and get my items published.

I believe this GitHub issue covers this request: https://github.com/woocommerce/google-listings-and-ads/issues/572



Current Status


Last updated: April 20, 2023


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  1. sukafia

    Global attribute mapping was implemented and released in version 2.3.1. You can learn more about it here. Additionally, the extension now automatically syncs flat rate shipping rates to Google Merchant Center.

    Closing this request. We appreciate your feedback.

  2. wyomingelectronics

    This needs to be added! Many people cannot get their products listed without having to export their products, adding the required fields, then re importing the products.

    Has also been voted to be added here: