Ability to turn off resubscribe option for customers

I currently have customers resubscribing to a one-off Black Friday deal after their subscription has ended. At the minute, some customers are resubscribing to a subscription product for £27 which should be £60 and I can’t stop them.

I preferred it when they had to purchase another subscription from the shop because I could control the price.

A button in the setting to switch off the resubscribe option would be brilliant.


Current Status


Last updated: January 21, 2022


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  1. rohjay

    I was also looking for this solution… In the meantime, if it helps anyone: https://rohjay.one/how-to-disable-the-resubscribe-feature-in-woocommerce-subscriptions-plugin/

  2. peter edwards

    This would be handy as we have the same issue where resubscribes are creating new subs at old prices even if the previous sub product prices have been updated.