Add option for buying ticket bundles: e.g. 1 X Adult $10.00, 2 x Child $5.00, 1 x Senior $4.50 from one screen transaction. I need this opti

Add option for buying admission ticket bundles: e.g. 1 X Adult $10.00, 2 x Child $5.00, 1 x Senior $4.50 from one screen transaction. I need this option as soon as possible as I cannot get anything else to work and look good.
Bulk Order Form is too clunky and does not work on my site.

Current Status


Last updated: April 26, 2016


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  1. Super Sailor says:

    I need this feature too..

  2. Bob De Young says:
  3. Iggi Vermaak says:

    We also need this feature. I have a suggestion on how this could work. Add an additional checkbox to the product data metabox called, “bundled ticket”, that displays conditionally if the product has variations. This then displays all the variations as ticket types on the front, with a quantity for each variation. It will also be useful under these conditions to move the ticket fields into the variations area, because each variation might require a different set of questions be asked about ticket holders that possess different ticket variations. For example, the ticket for an adult might need an email address and/or contact number, but a ticket for an infant does not need that information.

  4. Greg Enright says:

    I tested product bundles with it and it causes problems as it doesn’t reflect the choices as independent tickets when taking down attendee details. Unless somebody knows of a way to get it to work

  5. anonymous says:

    BoxOffice doesn’t integrate with Bundles. I REALLY would love this.

  6. etienne says:

    You have to beat the EventBrite ticket system. Same features and even better.


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