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Add reCaptcha to Checkout Block

A while ago (1-2 years) my checkout was attacked by a bot that attempted to process 2000+ transaction in around 3 minutes.

As all the attempted orders were fakes and failed, we weren’t charged the order percentage but Braintree did charge us the $0.30 transaction fee on them and recommended we add reCaptcha to our checkout… awesome lol.

Obviously I immediately added the reCaptcha and switched to Stripe, because ***** Braintree charging me for obviously fake transactions šŸ˜€

I’m pleased to say we haven’t had any similar problems since adding the reCaptcha, but of course won’t be using any Woocommerce checkout forms that don’t either have a reCaptcha option built in, or at least have documented compatibility with an existing reCaptcha plugin.

Would you be be able to add a reCaptcha option to the Checkout Block or confirm and document compatibility with an existing reCaptcha plugin please?

Kind regards,


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Last updated: November 6, 2020

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  1. ralucastan says:
    Product Developer November 22, 2022 8:15 am

    Hi JP,
    thank you for reaching out.

    We don’t have reCaptcha, but we recently implemented rate limiting to prevent abuse on endpoints from excessive calls and performance degradation on the machine running the store. This is optional and disabled by default.

    You can read more about it and how to enable it on this page