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WooCommerce Deposits

by  Woo
Enable customers to pay for products using a deposit or a payment plan.

Allow Deposits for Bookings plugin

I would like it so that I could allow clients to make partial payments or a deposit for reservations for Bookings. I don’t think that this is currently possible. This may complicate things also since you’d need the option for a non-refundable amount and that amount refunded could be based on the time before the reservation. For example if someone cancels a week in advance then they may lose 10% of their deposit, but if it were just a day before then they would lose 100% of their deposit. Also, you’d need to be able to cancel that booking to allow for a new booking, but still show it on the list as cancelled.


Current Status


Last updated: November 6, 2014


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  1. MNording says:

    I was just about to create my own idea when i found this one.
    I have the following clarifications that i would like to add to this:

    As an accomodation owner. i want to be able to specify what happens to the booking if the remainder is not payed.(Should it be cancelled or can they pay at the checkin counter?)

    As an accomodation owner i want to be able to define when the system should send out an reminder email that the customer needs to pay the remaining amount.

  2. Calvin says:

    This would be really useful!

  3. Chad says:

    I’d like to also like to have the ability to just take a card to have on file through Stripe. In my use case, each vendor takes the payment after the booking, but I would like to have a card on file in case of a no show or to collect the rest of the minimum if the party that books doesn’t hit it.