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Apple Pay/payment request to support custom field/pricing extensions on single product page

‘- Composite Products (works in cart/checkout)

– Smart Coupons (works in cart/checkout)

– Product Bundles (works in cart/checkout)

– Subscriptions (works in cart/checkout)

– Bookings (works in cart/checkout)

– Product Addons (works in cart/checkout)

– Mix n Match (works in cart/checkout)

– Avatax

– Account Funds (works in cart/checkout)

Current Status


Last updated: February 28, 2018


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  1. michael scott says:

    We currently use Product Addons Extension.
    However, when someone checks out using Woocommerce Stripe via Apple Pay the credentials for the order from the Addons extension are missing when the order is completed
    (both in the backend & the email).

    Given these are both Woocommerce Extensions we would have expected them to work together.

  2. Kathy Darling says:

    Name Your Price should also be included in this list.

  3. Brandon says:

    Yes I would also love if Apple Pay & Google Pay would recognize the price change w/ Name Your Price.

  4. Steve wild says:

    would be really useful !!!

  5. Sanjeev Jha says:

    As a theme developer with support for wc bookings plugin, I know this will be a huge plus point for our theme and customers.

  6. Christopher Simmons says:

    Hi, the issue we have is that when using Stripe > Chrome or Apple Pay, and the add-ons Woo plugin, the subtotal not reflected in sale price when payment made; so the ‘add on’ gets dropped since ajax doesn’t update cookie total, only on screen total unless add to cart button clicked. We had to remove the ‘pay now’ button from product page due to this issue. (Support suggested I vote on issue here.)

  7. Joel says:

    This would be the hardest to handle with WooCommerce Subscriptions, though technically doable but would have to be coded per gateway. It might take a week, but I could code this for Stripe if this is of interest to people. I still have to look at the flexibility of Stripe’s Subscription API and some things that are available in WCS might not work with Apple Pay, but if people are interested, let me know. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone figured this out? or heard anything about an update to support this

  9. Anonymous says:


    Apple Pay works amazing with a “simple product” listing on the product page. Allowing users to buy something on their apple device without going to the cart or checkout page

    When using the product bundle plugin on a product, the Apple Pay feature is disabled. Can you guys make a fix in the next update that will allow product page payments via Apple Pay, when using the product bundle option

    Im aware that Apple Pay works with product bundles on the cart and checkout page. Im asking about the product page to enhance and quicken the customer shopping experience.

    If anyone knows how to make this work let me know

  10. Anonymous says:

    Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons to be in this list too

  11. Steffen says:

    It would be great if tm extra product options will work. ATM this does not work on product page.

  12. Alejandro Pérez says:

    I vote for this as Themecomplete Extra Product Options custom fields don’t work on the product page with the payment request button. The price is not the appropiate one!
    Good thing I realized before any customer bought without paying for the addons!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Also use Themecomplete Extra Product Options and would like their final total amount to be added to the one click checkout with Google and Apple payments.

  14. Do Dong Minh says:

    It would be great if it works well with Woocommerce Custom Product Addons

  15. WP says:

    This is a must have! right now customised products can only be charged the base cost and not the configured cost when configuring a product using a plugin for example

  16. Anonymous says:

    Gets my vote too!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Voting yes!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Order delivery date too!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please add order delivery date for this!

  20. Folabi Ogunkoya says:

    yes pls

  21. Anonymous says:

    ‘We would need the ApplePay button to work on the product detail page where the customer can choose a product variation. for example here:
    When the customer changes an attribute and press the ApplePay button then the Apple Wallet opens and shows the correct product variation – but as soon as the circle in the wallet has finished, it does not show the correct and chooses product variation and price any more.

    This would be highly need features:
    – Composite Products (works in cart/checkout)

    without this feature ApplePay is useless for us because it is not possible to enable the ApplePay button only in the webshop basket.

  22. gabriele says:

    Would be awesome to have the chance to add a Custom Field I had to disable google/apple pay at the moment

  23. Martin says:

    Need the Apple/Google pay button to ONLY show on the checkout page as I have some required fields in the product page that need to be completed BEFORE they can add it to their basket and checkout. Please add this

  24. Anonymous says:

    RE WooCommerce Square — we need for Digital Wallets (ie Apple Pay, Google Pay) to ensure our custom required fields are filled before being able to process payment.

  25. Usman says:

    Our goal is to make the purchase of the product as easy as the touch of a button. By disabling this button option button we cannot achieve that goal. If you could please add the custom field, it would be an extra plus point for woocommerce to be the best to for our online store.

  26. Jackson Smith says:

    You must wear a respirator, goggles, and gloves when working with this product.

  27. Anonymous says:

    We second this request – Need the Apple/Google pay button to ONLY show on the checkout page as I have some required fields in the product page that need to be completed BEFORE they can add it to their basket and checkout. Please add this

  28. K says:

    Product Addons (works in cart/checkout) & Product Bundles (works in cart/checkout) are becoming a massive issue were we are now undercharging customers when they pay via Stripe for items that have extra product addons on.

  29. George says:

    This is the same article which I opened recently here.
    This should really be looked at.

  30. Alex says:

    Madness that this isn’t supported and 3rd party developers are not allowed to hook into this, locking the feature behind sup par official addons.

    Please fix this!

  31. Mcark thony says:
  32. Jennifer Smith says:

    Nice forum. keep on sharing.

  33. makeityourway1 says:

    +1 for tm extra product options, our product page converted really highly with Apple/Google Pay buttons – but doesn’t capture the extra product options.

    See this product page as an example:

    Would love to make this compatible to help our conversion rates


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