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Zapier API

A big seller for me to acquire plugins/applications is if they integrate with Zapier, Trello, Slack, etc. These are 3 of the biggest apps we use at our agency. Allowing your users to connect to these apps will help their workflow and automate together with other applications that Zapier already offers.



Current Status


Last updated: May 17, 2019


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  1. Christopher Michael says:

    Please consider if not a Zapier integration, create a "Webhook POST" function/feature?

    That way, in zapier we could use

    That way maybe not a Direct Zapier integration but would accomplish exactly what we’re looking for i think

  2. Christopher Michael says:

    I’d like to suggesting, to automatewoo.

    Look at

    Im not a developer, but i think if you integrate with Zapier, you will probably need to integrate specifically with their Webhook Zap.

    Then, from there I think that we can now connect that zap, with other apps in zapier..

  3. Alex Castro says:

    I’m all in maybe full API for complete development freedom

  4. Tomáš Pokorný says:

    I am using Integromat (same as Zapier) and would love to have a possibility to connect AW