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AutomateWoo - Refer A Friend add-on

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Boost your organic sales by adding a customer referral program to your WooCommerce store.

Reward advocates for each subscription renewal

Currently advocate rewards are one-off, in the case of subscriptions the reward is given when the first payment is made on a subscription.

This feature would allow store credit to be given for every subscription renewal of a referred subscription.


Current Status


Last updated: July 25, 2018


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  1. Sean says:

    Hey Dan Bitzer: I would currently pay about $2000 to get this feature. With this too: …. that’s once off šŸ™‚ not ongoing. I’d pay another $250 a year for it ongoing.

  2. Sean says:

    Hey Dan. Just following up on this feature and

    Really would be a game changer for our store. Could pretty much employ people with it.

  3. Dan Bitzer says:

    Sean: Ahh I see! Thanks for clarifying and for making a separate idea. It sounds like a useful feature!

  4. Sean says:

    Dan Bitzer: Hey Dan. Thanks for the reply. I like that too. Definitely would like it as a feature. But what I’m looking for is the same advocate getting rewarded for every transaction the customer makes in a given period. I think it’s different. The same customer isn’t getting referred by multiple advocates, they are kind of ‘owned’ by one advocate for a set period.

    For example, we run a coffee roastery and a lot of customers test us first with a small order which doesn’t pay the advocate much commission, but then once the customer likes us they proceed to order tons over time. I would definitely like to reward the advocate adequately for that.

    So yes a little different to this topic but not completely. I have created a new feature request, would you mind supporting it?

  5. Dan Bitzer says:

    Sean: Thanks for the suggestion! I see that as separate feature from this one. It’s more similar to this idea here:

  6. Sean says:

    Would be great if we could even rename this request: "Reward advocates for each subscription renewal or any new order within a time period"

  7. Sean says:

    I also would like the ability to give rewards for any order made by the ‘friend’ in a set time period.

    eg: reward the advocate 10% of the value of any order made by the ‘friend’ for one year.

    This would change the game. My game at least.