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Bookings – Show Price Per person type

Pricing rules were added for individual person types however,

The front end user is not able to the prices for each of these person types.

It would be great to have the price of each Person type shown next to the areas where they can select the number of people,

It could say for example From $15 or something along those lines as prices may differ depending on the date selected,

Bookings feel incomplete without this


Current Status


Last updated: April 4, 2016


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  1. gatmanmedia says:

    Agreed any new functionality for
    Base cost: $10.00 (This line could only be shown when non-zero)
    Adult: 2 x $20.00
    Child: 2 x $8.00

  2. JK R says:

    I would also need on the front end bottom line (total price) the option to show a price per person instead of the total price. it makes a diffrence buying a service for 6 people for 300 as total or for 50 per person.

  3. Lionel Di Giacomo says:

    Visible pricing per person at checkout and in the line item’s meta data would be helpful for calculating per-person refunds. 4304570-zen

    For instance, it would be helpful for a booking which cost $20 per adult and $8 per child to show the following on an invoice:

    Base cost: $10.00 (This line could only be shown when non-zero)
    Adult: 2 x $20.00
    Child: 2 x $8.00

    This would make each person cost explicit, help customers divy costs, and help store-owners more easily issue refunds – especially after prices may have been changed on a product, where the original per-person cost might be impossible to discern.

  4. Edgar says:

    This was requested 2 years ago but still no development. Woo is making a lot of money for two many plugins but development is too slow.

  5. Sally says:

    I think you can achieve this by writing the price and per person in the description of the person type. For showing in general product you can also get per person add on by using the booster plugin.

  6. Birger says:

    This is a legal requirement in many countries. e.g. Germany. You need to see the price per unit!

  7. Simon says:

    Agreed. We have just been looking at this, and it astounds us that even tho that figure is in the database….. they don’t show it on screen.
    It’s like buying tickets for the cinema. You wouldn’t just show the final price: you show price per person.

    I don’t get it. For $249, surely they would have thought about that?!?!?