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button for parent img used instead of variation img in facebook woocommerce

I would need an option for facebook for woocommerce in general setting.

purpose: I have many products (approx 3700 and only uploaded 630) made from the same materials. Because I use the same colours I use those colours for varieties. In facebook for woocommerce there is no option to show parent img if you put in varieties. On facebookshop it will show one of the variety picture randomly, and as a second pic it will show the parent img.
Someone told me to go and change setting in all varieties to show parent img.
That would create a new problem for my case… because in some instance I have over 100 varieties with codenames. (because I use codenames visuality is important)
So on facebook when they finally see the parent/ product img, they tick on it, then they see 110 varieties (I know woocommerce allow only 50 variety in 1 products.. so in some cases I had to make 3 producst for 1 product only to show all options), with different codenames. But all would look the same. As of now, I have over 4550 varieties on my website, and I’m far from the end..
What I need it a button in general setting. For facebook to use the parent img as first product img, and variety img in variety.


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Last updated: December 10, 2020


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