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Checkout Block to include all payment gateways

When I use the shortcode “woocommerce_checkout” then under Payment Methods I see all the payment gateways that I have defined (for me it’s: Stripe credit card,Strip iDeal, Stripe Bancontact, Stripe Giropay and Paypal).

But when I use the Woocommerce checkout block then I only see Credit Card (I guess from Stripe) and Paypal. I really would like to see all the other methods as well.


Current Status


Last updated: September 9, 2022


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  1. mouseground says:

    Hi, I have the same request. I tell you also why this is also necessary in Germany by law:

    Currently the paypal payment gateway is a “stand out” block that sits on top before all other blocks in the checkout block site. It has the feeling that you as a shop advertise this payment option more then the others. Then somewhere below in point 5. you have other payment options. I Germany for example it´s not allowed to put the “buy now” or “pay” button in top of all other informations regarding the order like “what are you ordering (overview), where does the shipment go (adresses), etc. It is only allowed to put it as the last element. Basically all onlineshops in germany can run into problems using the new block checkout like this.

    I know u wanted to make the checkout experience better and faster. But why stripping a function that has been available in the old checkout system!? I think it´s never a good idea to strip functions like this. In the old checkout all payment gateways were under the same point “payment gateway”.

    You should let the user decide themselves if they want to show paypal or whatever on top as express checkout OR under point 5. in the “normal” payment gateway selection block.

    Like this basically paypal and all other “express block” payment gateways get unusable in germany as people are only searching for this mistakes to give u a fine. Also I personally think for the flow of the checkout process I certainly prefer that I want ALL my payment options under point 5. “payment options”.

    If it stays like this I sadly have to tell all the people I work with and integrate woocommerce for them, that the new block checkout system doesn´t fit german law standards and also remove functions that have been in the old system and that therefore shouldn´t change to the new system although the handling and style feels better.

    I hope u can understand the importance… :/

  2. thisissandipmondal says:

    Hey folks!

    With PayPal Payments 2.2.0, you can use Checkout Blocks on your site! 🎉

    It comes with an early integration for the Block Cart & Block Express Checkout, with more features being in active development. You can read more about it here:

  3. ralucastan says:
    Product Developer November 22, 2022 5:59 pm

    @Jan Pieters Stripe is partly compatible with the Cart and Checkout Blocks. It offers for example the credit card and express payments options.

    If you need iDeal the best course of action right now is to notify the developer of the extension and ask if they can add support. I also recommend submitting a feature request for the extension:

  4. Jan Pieters says:

    Need iDeal via Stripe working in the Netherlands because 90% of all transactions are with IDeal. Please make this feature available asap.

  5. adnan says:

    Currently, the payments defined in WooCommerce settings can’t be selected and only some payment methods can be used, which makes this plugin useless for the countries where stripe and paypal is not available. It would increase adoptation if you add support for the payment methods that are defined in WooCommerce settings

  6. Sandy says:

    Hi why do you release a blocks plugin before making it work internally, my 2 cent = 1 star for the product for now, todays bad coding tomorrows bad results.


    I am located in Colombia and it seems fantastic to me. But I also have that problem, remove my means of payment such as Epayco or PayU

  8. Lucas says:

    Can you please tell us if It will be available to use Redsys Gateway? Here in Spain is the mandatory payment option. If yes, can you please tell us when aprox? Thanks