Conditionally send payments to different account

For merchants using multiple payment gateways, I would be beneficial to send payments a different account in Xero.
>They both relate to payment sync, firstly I only use PayPal at the moment and have set the payment account in settings to send payment to the account I use for Pay Pal in Xero, however I intend on using stripe as well in the future and so this plugin really needs to be able to conditionally send the payment to the correct account in Xero. So would need an area where you can select the enabled payment gateways and add the associated xero account.

Current Status


Last updated: November 14, 2016


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  1. DuncanPT says:

    I support this. Our site takes payments from Stripe and PayPal but Woo sends them both to the same account in Xero. That isn’t good because they come in separate bank feeds to Xero and reconciling is very difficult. Xero’s structure makes splitting items from one account to two accounts very difficult. Much better and more logical to do this when sending from Woo.

    I know Woo could parse the different streams because it prefixes “stripe” or “paypal” tothe relevant transaction reference when it send it to Xero. So you just need a mapping option to send “stripe” prefix to account 001 and “paypal” prefix to account 002. And so on so each enabled payment method in Woo.

  2. goodbrewco says:

    I too support this. Another site using multiple payment methods. The bookkeepers / accountants would love it.


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